About Artedia

Artedia is an association whose purpose is to gather and diffuse a catalogue of high-quality photography that fundamentally illustrates the architecture and the heritage of French cities and in particular, Paris.

Passionate about architecture and urban history, its members have in common a precise personal vision. Each photograph is precisely indexed, making it possible to describe and understand the work and to present a personal interpretation.
Each photographer claims a strong vision, expressed by a specific photographic vocabulary. Their vast experience allows them to get to the essence with few images.

In addition to the archives provided by the photographers associated with Artedia, our resources are complemented by old collections, such as that of the 1900 Worlds Fair, or specific ones such as a gallery of portraits of architects or contemporary artists.

Thanks to Artedia, you can do online research ranging from the gothic interior of a church, to the reproduction of an architectural drawing, to the latest contemporary work that everyone is talking about. You can also find graphic constructions or almost abstract color compositions.

The photographic resources of Artedia include a huge number of photographs that havenít yet been scanned and catalogued. Please donít hesitate to consult us for a precise inquiry.

In a nutshell, if you notice an architectural image reproduced in a book, a review or a catalogue, thereís a strong chance that it comes from the Artedia funds.